Photos of Flowering Shrubs

Photographs of various shrubs with lovely flowers and bright colors like azaleas, butterfly bush, quince, forsythia, fothergilla, hydrangeas, andromeda, spirea, lilac, weigela, viburnum and roses. Shrub photos, flowering shrubs, colorful bushes, pictures of shrubs.




Butterfly Bush
Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds with flowers blooming on new growth during summer. Cutback to 12-inch stems in early spring for rapid regrowth to 6 ft tall. Varieties with blue, white, or purple flowers, good for cutting.


Callicarpa dichotoma 'Issai'

Issai Beauty Berry
Fast, arching growth to 4 ft tall x 5 ft wide. Drought tolerant. Pinkish-lavender flowers in summer become lilac berries in fall that attract birds. Cut back hard in spring to encourage berry production.



Flowering Quince
Typically a larger shrub best reserved for property line plantings due to its size. Fruits are sometimes used to make quince preserves. Quince shrubs have thorns making them suitable for barrier plantings.


Cytisus scoparius

Scotch Broom
Blooms in early spring. Tolerates dry conditions and likes full sun. Growth to 5 feet tall x 5 feet wide.


Cytisus scoparius 'Moonlight'

Scotch Broom
Pale yellow pea-like flowers in late spring. Grows in poor soil. Grows to 8 ft. tall x 10 ft wide.


Daphne ×
'Carol Mackie'

Showy, fragrant, pale pink flowers. Grow in partial shade locations with winter protection, in soils with good drainage. Grows to 3 feet tall x 4 feet wide. Zone 4 to 8.


Forsythia intermedia

Lynwood Gold Forsythia
Bright yellow flowers that can really welcome spring! Best planted where they have room to grow naturally since trimming may remove next year's flowers. Deer resistant. Growth to 8 ft tall x 8 ft wide.


Forsythia suspensa

Weeping Forsythia
Spreading form of the taller forsythia, bring bright yellow flowers in spring! Plant where they have room to spread. Deer resistant. Growth to 5 ft tall x 10 ft wide in full sun to partial shade.


Fothergilla gardenii

Dwarf Fothergilla
Grow in full sun for best flowers, but can also be grown in partial shade. Slow growth to 3 ft tall x 4 ft wide. Fragrant, white bottle-brush flowers in spring before leaves appear. Fragrant, showy white blossoms in early spring, nice fall leaf color.


Fothergilla major 'Mt Airy'

Mt Airy Fothergilla
Grow in partial shade. Slow growth to 8 ft tall x 7 ft wide. Fragrant, white bottle-brush flowers in spring before leaves appear. Vivid red, orange, yellow fall leaf color.


Hibiscus syriacus 'Diana'

Diana Rose of Sharon
Provides large, bright white blossoms in summer when other flowering shrubs have long finished blooming. Compact deciduous habit. Moderate growth to 10 ft. tall x 6 ft wide in full sun to partial shade. Deer resistant.



Hydrangea quercifolia

Oakleaf Hydrangea
Full sun to part shade. Growth to 8 ft. tall x 8 ft. wide. Zone 5 - 9, with winter protection in coldest zone. Good cut or dried flower, blooms in early summer, prune right after it blooms.


Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'

Henry's Garnet Virginia Sweetspire
Grow in sun or shade. Moderate growth to 6 ft tall x 8 ft wide. White flower panicles in summer followed by red, orange and purple fall foliage. Multi-stemmed semi-evergreen that prefers moist soil.


Kerria japonica 'Golden Guinea'

Japanese Rose
Deciduous shrub with growth to 5 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide. Golden-yellow flowers in late spring. Stems stay green through winter, creating some added interest. Tolerates dry conditions.


Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'

Japanese Kerria or Japanese Rose
Deciduous shrub with growth to 8 ft. tall x 8 ft. wide in Zones 4 - 9. Grow in partial to full shade. Double-yellow pom-pom flowers in spring, stems stay green through winter. Grown in woodland gardens, shrub borders and foundation plantings. Tolerates dry conditions.


Leucothoe axillaris

Coast Leucothoe
Low growing evergreen with spreading growth habit. Reddish new foliage turns green. White flower racemes in spring.


Pieris japonica

Japanese Andromeda
Glossy broadleaf evergreen known for its Lily of the Valley like flowers in spring. Prefers rich, acid soils with good drainage. Moderate growth to 10 ft tall x 7 ft wide. Deer resistant plant. Watch for damage from Lace Bugs.


Pieris japonica ‘Cavatine’

Cavatine Dwarf Andromeda
Extremely compact flowering shrub with a profusion of fragrant white flowers in spring.


Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’

Mountain Fire Japanese Andromeda
Fiery-red new growth makes this Andromeda stand out from the rest in springtime. Deer resistant, prefers a partially sheltered growing location with good drainage.


Potentilla fruticosa

Goldfinger Potentilla
Flowering all summer on a compact plant. Likes full sun. Growth to 3 ft tall x 4 ft across.


Prunus glandulosa

Dwarf Flowering Almond
Multi-stemmed, spreading shrub with pink to white flowers in spring. Moderate growth to 4 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide.


Prunus glandulosa ‘Rosea’

Pink Flowering Almond
Deciduous shrub that produces spectacular double pink flowers in late spring. Prune right after flowering every year to maintain its shape, and remove any root suckers. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Grows to 5 feet tall x 4 feet wide. Zone 4 to 8.


Rhododendron ‘Olga Mezitt’

Olga Mezitt Rhododendron
Brilliant pink, lightly scented flowers cover this cold hardy, compact evergreen in spring. Green foliage turns to a mahogany color in fall. Takes more heat and sun than other varieties. Full sun to partial shade. Zone 4 to 8.


Rhododendron ‘Purple Gem’

Purple Gem Rhododendron
Lovely, heavily flowered purple rhododendron with a compact growth habit.




Shrub Roses
Not quite shrubs and not quite roses. A local nurseryman friend tells us every garden should have at least one of these dependable, repeat blooming roses.



Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’

Black Lace
Finely cut, purple black foliage with creamy pink flowers in Spring creates a nice contrast. Grow in full sun. Dark red fall berries can be used for making elderberry wine and jam, or left to attract birds. Grows to 8 feet tall x 6 feet wide. Zone 4 to 7.


Sambucus racemosa ‘Sutherland Gold’

Sutherland Gold Sambucus
Bright gold, toothed foliage in Spring changing to green in summer. Clusters of white flowers in late Spring followed by clusters of red berries in fall that attract songbirds. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Grows to 10 feet tall x 10 feet wide. Zone 3 to 8.


Sorboria sorbifolia 'Mai Tai'

Mai Tai Ural False Spirea
Grow in full sun. Hardiness zones 4 to 9. Orange colored new growth contrasts with green foliage as it matures, white plumes emerge in early summer. Growth to 6 ft tall x 6 ft wide.


Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'

Little Princess Spirea
Pink flowers in summer. Compact moderate to fast growth to 3 ft tall x 4 ft across. Watch for aphids on all Spireas.


Spiraea japonica 'Shirobana'

Little Princess Spirea
Blooms in summer with pink and white flowers on the same plant. Growth to 3 ft across x 3 ft tall. Deer-resistant just like most other Spireas.


Spiraea nipponica 'Snowmound'

Little Princess Spirea
Smaller version of the Bridal Wreath Spirea. White flowers in spring on arching branches. Looks best untrimmed. Growth to 5 ft across x 5 ft tall. Watch for aphids. Deer resistant.


Spireae thunbergii ‘Ogon’

Spirea Mellow Yellow
Yellow foliage with small white flowers in early Spring, turning bronze in fall. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Grows to 5 feet tall x 5 feet wide. Zone 4 to 8.


Spiraea vanhouttei

Bridal Wreath Spirea
One of the older varieties of Spirea is Bridal Wreath with its white flower clusters. Moderate growth to 8 feet tall x 8 feet wide. If you desire a similar look in a smaller size try 'Snowmound.'


Spiraea x 'Bumalda'

Anthony Waterer Spirea
Pink flowers in summer. Growth to 5 ft across x 3 ft tall. More open growth habit than Little Princess.


Spiraea x 'Goldmound'

Goldmound Spirea
Pink flowers in summer. Yellow foliage. Moderate to fast growth to 2 ft tall x 4 ft across. Watch for aphids.


Syringa 'Miss Canada'

Miss Canada Lilac


Syringa patula

Miss Kim Lilac
Excellent dwarf form that blooms later than most Lilacs. Moderate growth to 8 ft height x 5 ft spread.


Syringa x persica

Persian Lilac
Moderate growth to 10 feet. Slightly smaller, more compact and less fragrant flowers than the common Lilacs, but still worthwhile.


Syringa x prestoniae 'Redwine'

Redwine Preston Lilac


Viburnum x burkwoodii

Burkwood Viburnum
Moderate rate of growth to 8 ft tall with glossy dark green leaves that the deer don't like. But the best part is the fragrant, spicy-scented flowers in late spring!


Viburnum x juddii

Judd Fragrant Viburnum
Fragrant white flowers in spring with dark green foliage. Deer resistant. Plant at least one of these for the fantastic fragrance! One of Bob’s favorites!


Viburnum plicatum

Doublefile Viburnum
Horizontally branched shrub with white flowers lining the branches in spring. Reddish-purple leaves in fall. Deer resistant. Rivals flowering dogwood trees in Spring!


plicatum f. tomentosum 'Shasta'

Doublefile Viburnum
White blossoms, makes a showy hedge in Spring. Showy fruit in fall as well. Grow in full sun to partial shade, trim right after blooming. Growth to 8 feet tall x 12 feet wide. Zone 5 to 8.


Viburnum plicatum thunbergii tomentosum

Japanese Snowball Bush
Large white 'snowball' blossoms in spring make this a memorable shrub. Moderate rate of growth to 12 ft x 12 ft. Deer resistant.


Viburnum x rhytidophylloides 'Alleghany'

Alleghany Lantanaphyllum Viburnum
Moderate growth rate to 12 ft x 12 ft with semi-evergreen, dark-green leaves and yellowish-white flowers in May. Red fruit ripens to black.


Weigela florida 'Alexandra'

Wine and Roses® Weigela
Outstanding plant with massive quantities of rose-pink flowers contrasted against rich burgundy foliage, making this a DLS favorite. Moderate growth rate to 5 ft x 5 ft. Deer resistant.


Weigela florida 'Brigela'

French Lace™ Weigela
Ruby red blossoms are accented by a variegated leaf. Best in full sun. Fast growth to 6 ft tall x 4 ft wide.


Weigela florida 'Dark Horse'

Dark Horse Weigela


Weigela florida 'Java Red'

Java Red® Weigela


Weigela florida 'Minuet'

Minuet Weigela
Very hardy dwarf variety of Weigela with moderate growth to 3 ft x 3 ft. Foliage has a purplish cast with flowers in May.