Photos of Flowering Trees

Photographs of flowering trees that are commonly used to provide landscaped areas with a wide range of bloom, color, and fragrance. Our photos include the most popular Flowering Crabapple, Dogwood, Lilac, Magnolia, Pear, Plum, and Redbud.



ALBIZIA julibrissin

Unusual summer blossoms attract hummingbirds. Fast growth to 35 ft. height and 30 ft. spread. Likes full sun, drought tolerant. Can be a short-lived tree. Hardiness zones 6 - 9.


CERCIS canadensis

Eastern Redbud
Purplish-pink spring flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Moderate growth to 20 ft. Also known as "Judas Tree."


CERCIS canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud
Reddish-purple heart-shaped leaves set this Redbud apart in the spring, even though leaves moderate to more of a green color in summer. Rose-purple colored spring flowers. Moderate growth to 15 ft x 15 ft.


CERCIS canadensis ‘Hearts of Gold’

Hearts of Gold Eastern Redbud
Gold leaves on new growth make this Redbud cultivar stand out as well as its ability to produce flowers on young branches. Moderate growth to 20' x 20’ feet.


CHIONANTHUS virginicus

White Fringetree
Small tree with lacy panicles of very fragrant white flowers in spring. Tolerates wet soil.


CORNUS florida

Eastern Flowering Dogwood
Pink or white spring flowers, appearing earlier than Kousa dogwood. Slow to moderate growth to 35 ft tall. Note: Some dogwoods labeled "red" in the nursery trade will actually appear to be "pink" when they bloom.


CORNUS florida 'Tricolor'

Tricolor Flowering Dogwood
Colorful variegated leaves and white spring flowers make this a 'double feature' dogwood. Plant in partial shade.


CORNUS kousa

Chinese Dogwood
Creamy white blooms in June. Considered to be more reliable than Cornus florida. Slow to moderate growth to 35 ft.


COTINUS coggygria

Blossoms look like puffs of smoke, hence the common name. Standard variety of smoke tree has green leaves, unlike the Royal Purple and Velvet Cloak varieties with maroon colored leaves.


MAGNOLIA Grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'

Southern Magnolia
Glossy evergreen foliage. Moderate growth to 30 foot height and 25 foot width in hardiness zones 6 - 9. White flowers in May-June.


MAGNOLIA kobus stellata

Royal Star Magnolia
Fabulous white blossoms herald spring's arrival prior to leaf break. Deer resistant. Does best in full sun. Every yard should have a Star Magnolia. Moderate rate of growth to 20 ft across x 25 ft tall.


MAGNOLIA soulangiana

Saucer Magnolia
Large, fragrant, pinkish-white flowers make this bushy tree a true specimen, even if the flowers do get nipped by frost 2 out of 3 springs. Deer resistant. One of our favorites. Watch for scale insects.


MAGNOLIA virginiana

Sweetbay Magnolia
Super fragrant, creamy white flowers are a real treat in early summer. Just one more reason to grow Magnolias! Moderate to fast growth to 25 ft.


MALUS species

Flowering Crabapple
Show-stopping spring colors range from white to pink or red. Small fruits (other than sterile varieties) are red to yellow in color, and big favorites of birds in early winter. Most varieties are 15 to 20 feet in height and spread. Plant only disease resistant varieties.

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PRUNUS cerasifera 'Thundercloud'

Thundercloud Plum
Dark purple foliage season long. Fast growing. Nice color.
Often necessary to stake the tree due to rapid growth. Height to 20 feet. Pink flower. Attracts Japanese Beetles during their flights in July.


PRUNUS x cistena

Purpleleaf Sandcherry
Multi-stemmed small tree with pink flowers and reddish-purple leaves emerging at the same time in Spring. Moderate growth to 8 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide.


PRUNUS glandulosa 'Rosea'

Pink Flowering Almond
More the size of a shrub than a tree, with growth to 5 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide. Double pink flowers in spring.


PRUNUS x 'Snofozam'

Snow Fountains® Cherry
Cascading branches with white flowers in spring. The trunk of the tree in the top photo has been "twisted" to give it a zig-zag effect for added interest. One of Bob's favorites!


PYRUS calleryana

Bradford Pear
Fast growing pyramidal tree with white flowers in the spring followed by glossy green leaves. 45 ft tall with 25 ft spread.
Bradford Pears form weak branch crotches and split-out in ice and wind storms, so we recommend planting a different cultivar of the flowering pear.