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HOW TO: Trim Spruce and Pines
The timing for pruning Pine candles is more precise that for pruning Spruce.
FOLLOW-UP: Rejuvenated Shrub – Six weeks later
Checking back on the progress of the regrowth of a severely cutback shrub.
Aphids on Growing Tips
This seems like ‘the year of the aphid’ with profuse populations on several different shrubs!
FOLLOW-UP: Wall construction 2013
Checking back on a timber wall we built eight years ago.
Spring Shrub Reduction – Reducing Overgrown Shrubbery
Here’s a look at severely cutting back a shrub in early Spring.
Spring Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs
Getting plants off to a good start on the growing season.
Fall foliage cruise
October drive through the colorful Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, with trees ablaze in fall colors.
FOLLOW-UP: ‘Mr. Bill Shrub Chomp’
Checking back on a Burning Bush we severely cutback 10-weeks ago to see the shrub’s regrowth in progress.
50 Beautiful Flower Pots on a Deck
Water, TLC and sunshine helped create this lovely deck garden with 50 pots of annual flowers.
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