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Fall foliage cruise
October drive through the colorful Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, with trees ablaze in fall colors.

FOLLOW-UP: ‘Mr. Bill Shrub Chomp’
Checking back on a Burning Bush we severely cutback 10-weeks ago to see the shrub’s regrowth in progress.

Fall flowers & Trains!
Phipps Conservatory is always refreshing for flowers and the Garden Railroad. Fall Flower Show: ‘The Poetry of Nature.’

Coopers Rock overlook
Cooper’s Rock State Forest is a popular tourist destination in West Virginia with a breathtaking overlook and amazing view!

50 Beautiful Flower Pots on a Deck
Water, TLC and sunshine helped create this lovely deck garden with 50 pots of annual flowers.

Song Sparrows in the Nest
Song Sparrows made a hanging flower basket their home in early summer. Get an up close look at feeding the babies!

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