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A beautiful home lawn is the delight of many, and billions of dollars are spent annually in the pursuit of that often elusive goal. Why is the “perfect lawn” so elusive?

Often it seems, the more money one throws at a home lawn the worse it becomes. Some people comment that even the grass in the roadside ditch looks better than their home lawn. There’s no doubt that doing “too much” with lawns, or “poor timing” of applications, can make things worse instead of better. So let’s look at some of the basics.

The right combination of sound lawn care methods is key.

Over-fertilization can lead to thick thatch layers, a higher incidence of lawn diseases, and burnouts if lawns are pushed to grow during periods of hot, dry weather.


The first 7 years with a new lawn is known as the “honeymoon.”  Problems with thatch usually haven’t appeared yet but pro-active homeowners will pay close attention to thickening thatch and other seemingly small details before they become big problems. Think of it as preventive maintenance.

Attention to details with a lawn will pay off!

> Selecting only the best grass varieties

> Adjusting your soil chemistry

> Proper fertilization rates and timing

> Controlling thatch build-up

> Proper watering

> Keeping mower blades sharp

> Mowing at the right height

> Addressing insect & disease problems early

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