Perennial Flower Photos

Perennials starting with letters N - Z


Even if you don't have a flower bed dedicated entirely to Perennials, it’s always nice to have a few Perennials scattered throughout your landscape to automatically produce color during various seasons of the year. Whether it’s a Peony or Sedum, many of these plants are worthy of a spot in the home landscape. Below are photos of perennial garden favorites (literally) including ones like Peony, Phlox, Roses, Black-eyed Susan, Salvia, Sedum, Veronica. Also Carpet Roses and Yucca.



Lovely large flowers with color ranges from white to pink to red. Bloom in late Spring. Deer resistant. TIP: install wire supports (before they emerge) to keep them upright. "NO" ants are NOT required to open the blossoms, that's just an old wive's tale!


PEROVSKIA 'Little Spires'
Little Spires

Lavender flower spikes contrast nicely with silver gray foliage. Full sun. Tolerates dry conditions. Grows to 24-inches tall.

PHLOX subulata - Creeping Phlox
Extremely bright-colored flowers blanket this ground hugging plant in the spring. Rock garden favorite!


Golden Bamboo

Rapid upright growth to 15 to 30 ft tall, depending on the climate. Common bamboo that is often used for hedges. Some experts recommend against planting bamboo, so beware!


POLYSTICHUM acrostichoides
Christmas Fern or Korean Rock Fern

Semi-evergreen fern. Grow in full to partial shade. Height to 24" high x 18" wide.


Flower Carpet® Groundcover Rose

Hardy, compact, spreading rose with good disease resistance. Growth to 30" high x 4 ft wide. Sun to partial shade. These repeat bloomers are available in five colors.


ROSE (Rosa 'Meivahyn')
Knock Out® Shrub Rose

Shrub rose that flowers all season long. Easy to maintain, great disease resistance and drought tolerant. Growth to 3 ft. high x 3 ft wide. Sun to partial shade. 2000 AARS Rose Winner.


RUDBECKIA fulgida sullivantii
Black-eyed Susan 'Goldsturm'

Abundant gold daisy flowers from mid-summer through first frost. Deer resistant but rabbits will browse younger plants. One plant goes a long way! Drought resistant. 1999 Perennial Plant of the Year.


SALVIA nemorosa
Meadow Sage

Stems are covered with violet-purple flowers from June to October. Aromatic foliage 18” high and 24” wide. 1997 Perennial Plant of the Year. Grow in full sun and cutback after first bloom to increase bloom time. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Deer-resistant.


SALVIA 'Snow Hill'
Snow Hill Salvia

Compact perennial with white flower spikes throughout the summer. Grows to 20-inches tall in full sun.



The most commonly available variety is 'Autumn Joy.' Flowers late summer into fall. Upright forms of Sedum have been reclassed to the genus HYLOTELEPHIUM.


SEDUM 'Purple Emperor'
Stonecrop or Orpin

Grow in full sun to partial shade. Popular plant with purple foliage for use in rock gardens and flower beds. Flowers late summer into fall.


TIARELLA 'Pink Skyrocket'

Plant in full shade.


VERONICA 'Eveline'
Eveline Veronica

Rose-purple flowers. Best in full sun with growth to 24-inches tall.


VERONICA 'Royal Candles'
Royal Candles

Violet-blue flower spikes in late spring. Full sun to part shade with growth to 20-inches tall.


WISTERIA frutescens 'Amethyst Falls'
Amethyst Falls American Wisteria

Slower growth than traditional Wisteria makes it ideal for small spaces. Mildly fragrant purple blossoms. Full sun to partial sun, blooms most in late spring with growth to 10 feet.


YUCCA filifera 'Golden Sword'
Golden Sword Yucca

Green leaf margins with wide gold centers make this plant a DLS favorite. Bright color and coarse texture add to its interest. Best in full sun.