Peters Township Pennsylvania, McMurray and Venetia PA

Peters Township, Pa was originally part of the territory of the Indians of the Six Nations. The Peters name either originated with William Peters who was also known as Indian Peter, or with Peter Chartiers who was an early French fur trader. The Wrights were some of the first recorded settlers. Peters Township was one of the 13 townships of Washington County Pennsylvania formed in 1781 with the current boundaries existing since 1834.
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McMurray and Venetia

Peters Township history includes farming, sawmills, gristmills and the stills of the Whiskey Rebellion, as well as coal mining and the B&O Railroad. Population grew from 3,000 residents in 1950 to 21,213 in 2010. Within Peters Township’s 19.5 square miles are the towns of Hackett, McMurray and Venetia. Peters Twp has been a Home Rule community since 1976. Peters Township is bordered by Union Township, Nottingham Township, North Strabane Township, Cecil Township, Upper St Clair Township and Bethel Park.


The Peters Township War Memorial honors those veterans who attended school,
or lived in Peters Township, and made the ultimate sacrifice during war.
WORLD WAR I: William Boyd Philips
WORLD WAR II: Howard G. Bioni, Herbert G. Devore, George C. Engel, James L. Hays,
Albert Martik, Joseph P. Polen, John W. Proudfit, William B. Shearer
VIETNAM WAR: Thomas A. Shipe, Paul D. Urquhart
Peters Township Municipal Building
610 E. McMurray Rd.
McMurray, PA 15317
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INFOLINE:  724-942-5023

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Peters Township Community TV
Public Access: Verizon 38 — Comcast 7
Municipal Government: Verizon 40 — Comcast 17
School District: Verizon 39 — Comcast 19
Peters Township Library724-941-9430
Animal Control724-746-4344 or 911
Deer carcass on a public road or private property
in Peters Township? 
Call 724-941-4180 for removal from Peters Township roads. Call 724-223-4480 for removal from state roads.
Park & Recreation Department
700 Meredith Dr. Venetia, PA 15367
Tennis Center724-941-1330
Non-emergency Police724-942-5030
Non-Emergency Fire724-941-4176
Public Works724-941-6161
Peters Township Sanitary Authority724-941-6709
Jordan Tax Office – 102 Rahway Dr. McMurray, PA724-731-2321
Keystone Collections (Income Tax)724-978-0300
District Justice724-941-1015
McMurray Post Office724-942-3421
Venetia Post Office724-348-5819
Peters Township Council meets at 7:30pm on the 2nd & 4th Mondays* of each month in Council Chambers at the Peters Township Municipal Building.
*2nd and 3rd Mondays in December
Council meetings are rebroadcast on
Comcast Ch. 17 & Verizon Ch. 40
Weds – Sunday: 2pm & 7pm
Trash/Recycling: Waste Management800-866-4460
Peters Township School District
631 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
724-941-6565 (Fax)
Solar Energy for SchoolsWidowmakers in Peterswood Park
Peters Township School Board MeetingsMeetings are rebroadcast on Comcast Ch. 19 & Verizon Ch. 39 Wednesday thru Sunday 11am & 9pm
Peters Township History
Venetia Heritage Society
Farmers Markets
Canonsburg | North Strabane Twp
Arrowhead Trail in Peterswood Park during Fall