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Landscaping columns on tree topics

Bob is pleased to introduce Sandy Feather as a columnist at 
Sandy is Pittsburgh's leading garden columnist and works for Penn State Extension in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Sandy's Tree Tips shares her timely and expert tree advice with our readers. Sandy's columns also address important tree, gardening and landscape issues.
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Acorn shortage - Why are acorns so scarce?

Almonds & Pecans - Will almonds grow in Zone 5

Apple growing - Thin your apples to grow larger ones

Ash tree decline - Several things cause Ashes to decline

Bagworms - Hard to see until it is too late

Bareroot trees - How to save some money on planting

Birch leafminer - Got brown blotches on leaves?

Black walnut trees - Juglone wards off plants near them

Construction damage - Protecting your trees from damages

Crabapple sprouts - Stopping shoots from roots

Crabapple trees - Every yard should have one

Cytospora canker - Kills spruce branches from the bottom up

Deer damage - When whitetail bucks damage tree trunks

Dogwood sawfly - Pest of Redosier and Gray Dogwoods

Dormant oil spray - Less toxic than many pesticides

Drought stress - Major impact on tree decline

Eastern filbert blight - Affects Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

Emerald Ash Borer - Wiping out the Ash trees

Excessive mulching - Too much mulch is bad for trees

Ficus scale - Cause of brown bumps on weeping figs

Freeze damage - How a cold spell hurts outdoor plants

Fresh Christmas trees - Keeping trees through the holidays

Fruit tree care - Things you might not think of doing

Fruit tree growing - Ensuring cross-pollination

Girdling tree roots - Know what to look for on your trees

Gypsy moth caterpillars - Easy method of identification

Hemlock spider mites - Watch for bleached-out foliage

Hemlock woolly adelgid - Pest decimating Hemlocks

Honeylocust sprouts - Eliminating stump sprouts

Horse Chestnut leaf blotch - Probable cause of leaf drop

Japanese maple - How/when to prune Japanese Maples

Lawn mushrooms - What you need to know

Leaf mulch - Shredded leaves make good mulch

Leafcutter bees - Cause notching on Redbud leaves

Magnolia scale - When you see black leaves suspect scale

Maple leaf drop - Likely due to the petiole borer

Maple tar spot - Likely cause of black spots on leaves

Mimosa tree - Also known as Powderpuff or Silktree

Norfolk Island Pine - Nice as a living indoor holiday tree!

Oak gall wasps - Could be the cause of leaf drop

Oak wilt - Timing of Oak pruning is very important

Plum tree scale - Dormant oil app for Lecanium scale

Red maples - Early fall color can be a trouble sign

Roots in sewers - Old terra cotta pipe is vulnerable

Salt tolerant - List of trees and shrubs for salty areas

Snow damage - Best to wait before doing any pruning

Spruce seeds - How to grow Norway Spruce seed

Surface roots - Trees with and without surface roots

Topped trees - How to care for topped Silver Maples

Tree lichens - Green splotches on tree trunks

Tree leaf drop - Why tree leaves drop early

Tree stump sprouts - How to eliminate stump sprouts

Trees by houses - How safe are trees close to homes?

Trees vs lawn - Time for more trees and less lawn

Weeping cherry - What sort of growth to always remove

White pine weevil - Responsible for dead tops in evergreens

Willow leaf beetles - Holes in leaves are the first sign

Woodpecker damage - Rows of holes in tree trunk?