Index of Shrub Information

Bob compiled these pages on shrubs to answer questions about shrub planting, maintenance, insects and disease.


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Ornamental Shrubs

Ornamental shrubs form the "backbone" of the landscape around your house while doing a yeomans job of filling-in the home landscaping between low flower border facers and tall trees.

Hydrangeas are very popular.

Hydrangeas are very popular.

The sky's the limit when it comes to adding color to your landscape with shrubs these days, as plant breeders have improved and intensified the colors of many shrubs.

Where the mature size of plants has been a problem, the breeders have also been busy creating many new dwarf varieties of shrubs for today's smaller gardens.

Deer have become regular visitors to many suburban landscapes in the 90's, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying an attractive landscape with deer-resistant shrubs.