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Fracking ‘Groundhog Day’ in Washington County PA

Just when we thought we had seen an end to leaky frac wastewater impoundments – the size of football fields – we see new permit requests. Be sure to comment! PA DEP Invites Comments On 2 Proposed Oil & Gas Wastewater Impoundments by Range… Continue Reading “Fracking ‘Groundhog Day’ in Washington County PA”

Reflections on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity’

Q&A: Eliza Griswold Reflects on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity,’ Her Deep Dive Into Fracking in Southwest Pennsylvania Inside Climate News published that story by David Schribman with that same headline on August 21, 2022. While Shribman’s story focused on updates from the… Continue Reading “Reflections on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity’”