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Proposed Pipeline Expansion in WV, Ohio & PA – Comment Period Open

FERC is taking public comments on the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) until 5:00pm ET on November 21, 2022 Mike Tony reports in the October 26, 2022 Charleston Gazette-Mail: Equitrans LP, subsidiary of Mountain Valley Pipeline lead developer Equitrans Midstream Corp., has proposed construction… Continue Reading “Proposed Pipeline Expansion in WV, Ohio & PA – Comment Period Open”

Hydrogen Development and Carbon Management in Pennsylvania

Team Pennsylvania, Co-Chaired by Governor Wolf, Issues Road Map By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 23, 2022 On September 23, the Team Pennsylvania Foundation, co-chaired by Gov. Wolf, announced the publication of a new report, Successful Deployment of Carbon… Continue Reading “Hydrogen Development and Carbon Management in Pennsylvania”

Electricity Worth More than Bitcoin Mining!

Dimming bitcoin profits shift bitcoin mining company towards the electric grid On August 22, 2022, reporter Anya Litvak published a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the changing fortunes of a local bitcoin mining company whose stock has dropped over 90-percent in the past… Continue Reading “Electricity Worth More than Bitcoin Mining!”

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Judge Michael H. Wojcik of Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court has blocked the full implementation of ‘Reggie’ (RGGI or Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative). It’s another step backwards for Pennsylvania and efforts to address climate change in a timely manner. Reporter Laura Legere added these additional details:… Continue Reading “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

2021 RGGI Annual Report

Pennsylvania is on track to fully participate in ‘Reggie’ if GOP lawsuits, or the November 8, 2022 gubernatorial election, doesn’t derail the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “This regulation has the support of businesses and residents, and will save lives… Continue Reading “2021 RGGI Annual Report”

The Power of Big Oil

In Part Two of the FRONTLINE series titled “Doubt” we see the finagling that went on by oil company executives, special interests, lobbyists and elected officials, to delay climate change action, and extending through several presidential administrations. VIDEO: The Power of Big Oil –… Continue Reading “The Power of Big Oil”