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Pennsylvania’s ‘Giveaway’ Tax Rate for Gas Processors

There was a May 23, 2022 story in Louisiana’s ‘Natchitoches Times’ with a headline that really caught my eye: “Pipeline Compressor Station to Bring Major Revenue” “An example of a similar facility is a gathering station near Robeline that has an assessed value of… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania’s ‘Giveaway’ Tax Rate for Gas Processors”

Bottom of the LNG Chain – Independence from Meaningful Taxes

One of the major U.S. hubs for LNG processing, storage and pipeline transportation is located at the center of Marcellus Shale country in western Pennsylvania near Houston, Washington County, Pennsylvania. The hub began with the construction of MarkWest’s cryogenic gas plant, which also includes… Continue Reading “Bottom of the LNG Chain – Independence from Meaningful Taxes”