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GUEST POST: ‘Small Steps go a Long Way’

The January 4, 2023 PediaBlog by Ned Ketyer, M.D. addressed an important issue: Prospective parents today are hesitant about starting and expanding their families due to climate change. A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll of young Americans highlighted yesterday on The PediaBlog showed nearly a quarter (23%) having reservations… Continue Reading “GUEST POST: ‘Small Steps go a Long Way’”

Overpopulation and Earth’s Wildlife

60 MINUTES with Scott Pelley: ‘Scientists say planet in midst of sixth mass extinction, Earth’s wildlife running out of places to live’ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/earth-mass-extinction-60-minutes-2023-01-01/ “In what year will the human population grow too large for the Earth to sustain? The answer is about 1970, according… Continue Reading “Overpopulation and Earth’s Wildlife”

Sustainable Energy News and Climate Change Reports

4th Quarter 2022 Excerpts from the SUN DAY Campaign More: Commentary: The electric grid emergency of Christmas 2022, and what it means for green energyThe cost of electricity from renewable energy has fallen over the last two decades by more than 90%. Behavioral incentives… Continue Reading “Sustainable Energy News and Climate Change Reports”

War vs. Nature

Ukraine has used the Cop27 climate talks to make the case that Russia’s invasion is causing an environmental as well as humanitarian catastrophe, with fossil fuels a key catalyst of the country’s destruction. Oliver Milman writes in The Guardian on November 13, 2022: Svitlana… Continue Reading “War vs. Nature”

Massive Leak at Gas Storage Area in Western PA

The Rager Mountain Gas Storage Area leak in Cambria County is proving difficult to stop, while bringing worrisome comparisons to the Aliso Canyon and Powhatan Point incidents, where huge volumes of methane reached the atmosphere. Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas that contributes… Continue Reading “Massive Leak at Gas Storage Area in Western PA”

Young Voters Going Democrat to Record Degree

According to Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, President of NextGen America, “young voters” are now breaking 3-1 for Democrats. Zachary Shahan reports further in CleanTechnica on November 9, 2022: Young people have historically been more progressive, liberal, and Democratic. The statement from Ramirez is that they… Continue Reading “Young Voters Going Democrat to Record Degree”

Governor Tom Wolf’s Fracking Legacy

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA Governor Wolf Portrait, CC BY 2.0, Source In one of his final acts as Pennsylvania’s governor, Tom Wolf signed a huge, multi-billion dollar taxpayer giveaway, in large part to the oil and gas industry. Stephen Caruso… Continue Reading “Governor Tom Wolf’s Fracking Legacy”

PA Senate, House Pass Massive, 20-Year Taxpayer Subsidies for Fracked Gas, Hydrogen & Petrochemicals

Passed in Hours with No Public Accountability or Environmental Safeguards By David E. Hess | PA Environment Blog | October 27, 2022 On October 26, the Senate Appropriations Committee reported out House Bill 1059 (Hickernell-R-Lancaster) after amending it to provide $106.6 million in annual… Continue Reading “PA Senate, House Pass Massive, 20-Year Taxpayer Subsidies for Fracked Gas, Hydrogen & Petrochemicals”

U.S. SENATE RACE: Oz and Fetterman Both Support Fracking, But To What Extent?

Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate candidates clarified their views on shale gas extraction during last night’s one hour debate. During the debate, John Fetterman referenced his 2019 support for a proposed fracking site at a steel mill near his home, while also repeating his support for… Continue Reading “U.S. SENATE RACE: Oz and Fetterman Both Support Fracking, But To What Extent?”

Pennsylvania Missing Out on Millions of Dollars

RGGI, Inc.’s third carbon-allowance auction of 2022 generated more than $301 million in revenue for reinvestment Pennsylvania is missing out on millions of dollars in revenue from carbon-allowance auctions that are part of a multi-state initiative to combat climate change as legal challenges to… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Missing Out on Millions of Dollars”