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PA Moves Gas Well Emissions Rule to Beat Costly Federal Deadline

The regulation meets 2016 standards set by the federal government, and if the rule isn’t finalized by December 16th, Pennsylvania faces around $500 million in highway funding sanctions in the next year. (See YouTube video below) DEP estimates the regulation could reduce VOC emissions… Continue Reading “PA Moves Gas Well Emissions Rule to Beat Costly Federal Deadline”

Conventional Oil & Natural Gas Drilling

GUEST POST: An Industrial Machine Moving Across the PA Countryside Leaving Behind Big Liabilities and Spreading Pollution Everywhere It Goes By David E. Hess – PA Environment Digest – August 3, 2022 On July 30, Gov. Wolf directed the Department of Environmental Protection to… Continue Reading “Conventional Oil & Natural Gas Drilling”

Backwards Pennsylvania

You can thank ‘frac happy’ Republican legislators like Yaw and Metcalfe for keeping our Commonwealth in the ‘stone ages’ when it comes to promoting a healthy environment. Also, their latest ‘gas buddy’ enabling efforts will likely cause Pennsylvania to lose federal highway funds. David… Continue Reading “Backwards Pennsylvania”