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Home Utility Price Spikes in 2021-2022

Rising trendlines for natural gas and electricity prices matched rising natural gas commodity prices over the same 24 month period. I did a month-by-month analysis of the past two years, to see what influence rising natural gas prices had on our home gas and… Continue Reading “Home Utility Price Spikes in 2021-2022”

Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV

Our home electric and gas utility bills arrived in late October. Total: $38.67 Image: Electric bills for 12 month period = $290.44$24.20 average per month includes EV charging It’s been over a year since we upgraded our home heating and cooling system from an… Continue Reading “Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV”

Manchin’s Coal-Powered State: WV Electricity Rate Increase Requested

Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power Make Rate Increase Case for West Virginia Electricity Users The rate increase would add $18.41 to the monthly bills of Appalachian Power/Wheeling Power companies, according to documents filed by the companies with the Public Service Commission in April, a 12%… Continue Reading “Manchin’s Coal-Powered State: WV Electricity Rate Increase Requested”

West Virginia Utility Rates Surge Despite Fossil Fuel Abundance

In a state that produces so much coal and natural gas, most people would never expect these sorts of utility rate increases. An August 28 story in the Wall Street Journal begins with the headline, West Virginia’s Coal Dependence Drives Up Consumer Electric Bills… Continue Reading “West Virginia Utility Rates Surge Despite Fossil Fuel Abundance”

Our Electric Bill Went Up. One cent.

Sure enough, it went from $6.56 last month to $6.57 this month. Our rooftop solar panels have been doing a great job of providing electricity for our home cooling and other household uses, as well as providing all the ‘juice’ to power our Chevy… Continue Reading “Our Electric Bill Went Up. One cent.”

‘Paying it Forward’ with Solar Energy

Homeowners have faced a steady stream of rising energy costs from fossil fuels as global situations have devolved. Meantime, our utility bills have been dropping. Americans have come to find that just because we sit on large reserves of coal and natural gas, that… Continue Reading “‘Paying it Forward’ with Solar Energy”

GUEST ESSAY – Energy Freedom for Pennsylvania

By Sharon Pillar, Pennsylvania Solar Center This guest essay appeared first in the Tribune-Democrat on July 22, 2022 Sharon Pillar: Key to lower energy prices is diversification With energy costs soaring these days, it is time for our state to promote healthy diversification of… Continue Reading “GUEST ESSAY – Energy Freedom for Pennsylvania”

Solar and EV Update

SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCTION: During the month of April, with our share of clouds and precipitation just south of Pittsburgh, PA, our rooftop solar panel system (8.97 kW) produced 894.5 kWh of energy. SOLAR PRODUCTION EXCEEDED USAGE:During the same month, our home electricity usage and… Continue Reading “Solar and EV Update”