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Chevy Bolt EV Report – May 3, 2023

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Data is based on total miles driven since last email report. Regular gasoline in our area of western Pennsylvania is currently selling for $3.75/gallon, so 21 gallons would cost $78.75 113.39 kWh of electricity from home charging off the grid (13-cents/kWh) would… Continue Reading “Chevy Bolt EV Report – May 3, 2023”

Solar & EV Update

SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCTION: During the month of April, with our share of clouds and precipitation just south of Pittsburgh, PA, our rooftop solar panel system (8.97 kW) produced 894.5 kWh of energy. SOLAR PRODUCTION EXCEEDED USAGE:During the same month, our home electricity usage and… Continue Reading “Solar & EV Update”