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UK: Solar Energy and Fracking

Two articles point out the growing benefits from solar and the reasons why fracking talk is ‘pie in the sky.’ Positive gains on the solar front in Europe… Paweł Czyżak, a senior analyst at the energy and climate thinktank Ember writes, Solar power saved the… Continue Reading “UK: Solar Energy and Fracking”

French ‘Energy Sobriety’

“The national effort calls for businesses and individuals to embrace energy conservation by increasing car-pooling, lowering thermostats and shutting off illuminated advertising signs at night — to name a few — or face the risk of rolling blackouts or energy rationing.” The New York… Continue Reading “French ‘Energy Sobriety’”

New British PM Liz Truss lifts 2019 fracking ban

Fracking could resume in England within six months Photo: Hydraulic fracturing (aka ‘fracking’) American-style c. 2010 in Pennsylvania Calls to resume fracking have met with ongoing resistance from campaigners who say the risk of earthquakes (see below) and water contamination, as well as extensive… Continue Reading “New British PM Liz Truss lifts 2019 fracking ban”