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Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV

Our home electric and gas utility bills arrived in late October. Total: $38.67 Image: Electric bills for 12 month period = $290.44$24.20 average per month includes EV charging It’s been over a year since we upgraded our home heating and cooling system from an… Continue Reading “Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV”

Learn About the New National EV Infrastructure Grant Program

November 1st Webinar and In-Person Stakeholder Sessions By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | October 12, 2022 On October 12, the Department of Transportation announced resources are now available to help businesses and organizations to prepare in advance of the National… Continue Reading “Learn About the New National EV Infrastructure Grant Program”

Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?

Chris Teague of AutoWeek points out some interesting facts about vehicle fires. A better way of looking at electric vehicle fires is to compare the number of fires per 100,000 vehicles sold… hybrid vehicles had the most fires per 100,000 sales at 3,474.5 while… Continue Reading “Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?”

Solar September: Another 6-Dollar Monthly Electric Bill

$6.57 to be exact, which also included home EV charging and 1,067 kWh left ‘in the bank’ for future months. We also generated another SREC to sell for $40. Meantime, a neighbor in the same size ranch home got a bill for $197. Other… Continue Reading “Solar September: Another 6-Dollar Monthly Electric Bill”

Off-grid Solar EV Charger

California-based solar-powered EV charger company Paired Power has just debuted a modular, off-grid electric vehicle charger that is powered by a solar canopy. Michelle Lewis writes in a September 13, 2022 story in electrek about this new offering, with deliveries expected to begin in the 2nd… Continue Reading “Off-grid Solar EV Charger”

Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted

Battery Longevity Delays Need for Recycling Programs An August 1, 2022 story in Forbes by Carlton Reid sported that headline along with this opening: “Electric cars have sophisticated battery management systems that guard the long-term health of their batteries. Most manufacturers offer battery warranties… Continue Reading “Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted”

August BOLT Report | Larger Rebates Here for PA Electric Vehicles

Monthly energy analysis for our Chevy Bolt EV GM Report for August 2022: Translated into dollars and cents: We used 190.5 kWh to travel 762 miles. That works out to 4 miles per 1 kWh. As of August 29, 2022: Electricity from our power… Continue Reading “August BOLT Report | Larger Rebates Here for PA Electric Vehicles”

Home Solar Energy Update

Solar energy provided 44% of our home electricity AND car charging needs during the month of November 2021. TESLA APP SCREEN SHOTS – SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION FROM 8.97kW SYSTEM(left) 5.67kW solar system on Front roof (right) 3.3kW solar system on Back roof Home solar energy… Continue Reading “Home Solar Energy Update”