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Black Smoke Erupts from Shell Cracker Plant

Just after high noon on Sunday, right before the Steelers home opener kickoff, local residents saw black smoke belching from the elevated “candlestick” flare at the new Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex near Monaca, PA. Residents of Washington County, PA are no strangers to similar sorts… Continue Reading “Black Smoke Erupts from Shell Cracker Plant”

Childhood Cancer Study near Fracking in S.W. Pennsylvania

On Wednesday October 5, 2022 community members and reporters are invited to hear about the progress that has been made and ask questions about the Childhood Cancer Study being conducted by researchers at PITT. Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) hosts meeting CCJ will host a panel discussion with… Continue Reading “Childhood Cancer Study near Fracking in S.W. Pennsylvania”

Natural gas development transforms Pennsylvania farmland

By Lisa Graves-Marcucci | EIP | August 10, 2022 Reprinted from Oil and Gas Watch Tucked into the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania are rural communities once home to generational farmland – Smith Township among them. The blessings of prime open spaces once reserved for… Continue Reading “Natural gas development transforms Pennsylvania farmland”