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FRANCE: Solar Energy from Parking Lots

Énergie solaire à partir de parkings. The latest solar energy news out of France blanketed media outlets: France to require all large parking lots to be covered by solar panelsIn France, solar just got a huge boost from new legislation approved through the Senate this week… Continue Reading “FRANCE: Solar Energy from Parking Lots”

French ‘Energy Sobriety’

“The national effort calls for businesses and individuals to embrace energy conservation by increasing car-pooling, lowering thermostats and shutting off illuminated advertising signs at night — to name a few — or face the risk of rolling blackouts or energy rationing.” The New York… Continue Reading “French ‘Energy Sobriety’”

Diaries from World War One

Leading up to Memorial Day, I wanted to share several personal memoirs of men who served with the 15th Field Artillery Regiment in France during WWI in 1918. The coat of arms of the 15th FA Regiment above the shield contains a French 75mm Howitzer with… Continue Reading “Diaries from World War One”