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ROUND 2: West Virginia Forced Pooling Law Fight

Bethany WV residents continue their fight against new forced pooling law In the September 10, 2022 blog, WEST VIRGINIA: Federal Court Throws Out ‘Forced Pooling’ Lawsuit, we saw where a lawsuit seeking to stop West Virginia’s new natural gas unitization law was ruled invalid.… Continue Reading “ROUND 2: West Virginia Forced Pooling Law Fight”

The Texas Attorney and West Virginia Judge

Many of the stories surrounding drilling and fracking over the past 20 years have been “Stranger than Fiction” and this latest story qualifies. It was first reported in THE DAILY BEAST four days ago, and saw a follow-up story in today’s THE INTELLIGENCER. WHEELING… Continue Reading “The Texas Attorney and West Virginia Judge”

‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA

Allegheny County Council held a public hearing June 9, 2022 on legislation to prevent the leasing of additional county parks for gas production activities, following the non-surface oil and gas lease signed in October 2014 for Deer Lakes Park, to allow hydraulic fracturing under… Continue Reading “‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA”

PIT Airport Doubling-Down on Fracked Gas

Reporter Anya Litvak’s May 21, 2022 story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, ‘Airport authority brokers new deals with CNX to incentivize drilling and, possibly, make fuel from natural gas‘ revealed old and new information about the business dealings of the Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA)… Continue Reading “PIT Airport Doubling-Down on Fracked Gas”