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Geothermal Energy

Ben Adler of Yahoo News: ‘Geothermal energy poised for boom, as U.S. looks to follow Iceland’s lead’ The small island nation of Iceland is known among environmentalists for its low greenhouse emissions, thanks in part to its reliance on clean, geothermal energy. 27% of the… Continue Reading “Geothermal Energy”

Sustainable Energy News and Climate Change Reports

4th Quarter 2022 Excerpts from the SUN DAY Campaign More: Commentary: The electric grid emergency of Christmas 2022, and what it means for green energyThe cost of electricity from renewable energy has fallen over the last two decades by more than 90%. Behavioral incentives… Continue Reading “Sustainable Energy News and Climate Change Reports”

Energy Outlook, Update and Forecast

Source: SUN DAY CAMPAIGN (founded 1992) 6930 Carroll Avenue; Suite #340; Takoma Park, MD 20912 301-270-6477 x.6;  sun-day-campaign [at] hotmail.com  Twitter: Follow @SunDayCampaign  HIGHLIGHTS AND ANALYSES: FERC’S “ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE” (December 1, 2022)  and EIA’S “SHORT-TERM ENERGY OUTLOOK” (December 6, 2022) FERC AND EIA DATA FORECAST EXPLOSIVE GROWTH FOR… Continue Reading “Energy Outlook, Update and Forecast”

GOOD NEWS: U.S. Action on Climate Change is Close

In this latest episode of ‘shock and awe’ we learn that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III has changed his mind. The $369 billion climate and tax package forged in a surprise deal by Senate Democrats on Wednesday would be the most ambitious action ever taken… Continue Reading “GOOD NEWS: U.S. Action on Climate Change is Close”

Washington County Comprehensive Plan

Washington County, Pennsylvania wants to hear from county residents on their new Comprehensive Plan, last adopted in 2005. The updated plan is being developed with an advisory committee and stakeholder/public input. The final plan will be adopted in Fall 2022. Take the short Public… Continue Reading “Washington County Comprehensive Plan”

Time to Rethink Solar Energy

On top of spiraling prices at the pump for gasoline and diesel fuel, this recent headline grabbed everyone’s attention: Pennsylvania electric generation costs increasing up to 45% on June 1st “According to the commission, higher wholesale market prices for electricity are being caused mostly… Continue Reading “Time to Rethink Solar Energy”

‘Time to Wake Up’ Farewell

I’m old enough to remember when saffron-robed Buddhist priests immolated themselves during the Vietnam War years of mass destruction and political corruption. On Earth Day, there was a repeat of that sort of supreme sacrifice by Colorado photojournalist Wynn Alan Bruce, a practicing Buddhist… Continue Reading “‘Time to Wake Up’ Farewell”

Clarion call for renewables NOW

The invasion of Ukraine, a dastardly war which has caused 2 million Ukrainians to leave their homeland, and brings heart wrenching news of residential areas –even a maternity hospital yesterday– being bombed and shelled by Russia, is a clarion call to break our addiction… Continue Reading “Clarion call for renewables NOW”

Renewable Energy News

Breaking news on solar energy, wind power, geothermal, tidal energy and other sources of renewable energy. CleanTechnica – “CleanTechnica is the world’s #1 source for cleantech news and analysis. It entertains and informs approximately 6 million monthly global readers along with hundreds of thousands of social media followers.… Continue Reading “Renewable Energy News”