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PLANNING AHEAD: September is ‘Lawn Month’

In Pennsylvania, and locations with a similar climate, the Fall season provides the best opportunity for lawn improvement! WHY SEPTEMBER?To learn more about why that’s true, see September is Lawn Month. It’s usually best to get grass growing prior to heavy leaf drop, so… Continue Reading “PLANNING AHEAD: September is ‘Lawn Month’”

PREP: September is Lawn Month so Get Ready!

When it comes to lawn improvement in the Northeast and Midwest United States, “September is Lawn Month” for all the reasons outlined here. Oh sure, people are more revved-up to perform lawn improvement projects in the Spring, but September is actually the BEST time!… Continue Reading “PREP: September is Lawn Month so Get Ready!”

Lime Time

Seeing that our local hardware store had gotten their Spring shipment of lime was a great reminder of how important liming can be for local lawns and gardens. Soil chemistry is measured with something called “pH” — which indicates its level of acidity or… Continue Reading “Lime Time”