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Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?

Chris Teague of AutoWeek points out some interesting facts about vehicle fires. A better way of looking at electric vehicle fires is to compare the number of fires per 100,000 vehicles sold… hybrid vehicles had the most fires per 100,000 sales at 3,474.5 while… Continue Reading “Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?”

Grid Outage: How Much Home Battery Storage is Needed?

This September 28, 2022 story in The Conversation did an excellent job of explaining battery backup during grid outages: Hurricane Ian: When the power grid goes out, could solar and batteries power your home? By Stacy Morford, Environment & Climate Editor | The Conversation Authors:… Continue Reading “Grid Outage: How Much Home Battery Storage is Needed?”

Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted

Battery Longevity Delays Need for Recycling Programs An August 1, 2022 story in Forbes by Carlton Reid sported that headline along with this opening: “Electric cars have sophisticated battery management systems that guard the long-term health of their batteries. Most manufacturers offer battery warranties… Continue Reading “Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted”

Ditching Gasoline Use in the Garden

Paying $20 a gallon for ‘special fuel’ was the last straw! While working as a landscape contractor, we used a wide variety of garden equipment powered by small engines. Some small engines used straight gasoline (4-cycle engines) while others used a combination of gasoline… Continue Reading “Ditching Gasoline Use in the Garden”

All Charged Up

Winter cold will reduce an EV’s maximum charge level, on a lithium-ion battery, by as much as 15-percent. Screen shots above: BOLT FULL CHARGE LEVELS(left) Warmer December 22, 2021 232 miles vs. (right) Colder January 12, 2022 199 miles Lessons Learned driving an electric… Continue Reading “All Charged Up”