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Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’

Permitting reforms would benefit the nearly completed Mountain Valley Pipeline to move fracked gas from Manchin’s home state of West Virginia to Eastern seaboard states. VOX explains previous deal making in a September 13, 2022 story: This summer, he [Manchin] struck a deal with Senate… Continue Reading “Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’”

Hydrogen Development and Carbon Management in Pennsylvania

Team Pennsylvania, Co-Chaired by Governor Wolf, Issues Road Map By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 23, 2022 On September 23, the Team Pennsylvania Foundation, co-chaired by Gov. Wolf, announced the publication of a new report, Successful Deployment of Carbon… Continue Reading “Hydrogen Development and Carbon Management in Pennsylvania”

Eureka Resources Back in the News

Employee dies of “chemical and thermal burns” from a “chemical explosion” in an industrial accident OSHA is investigating. Eureka Resources has a prior investigation history with OSHA: Source: United States Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Some will recall this August… Continue Reading “Eureka Resources Back in the News”

Another Chapter in the ‘Stuck on Stupid’ Marcellus Shale Gas Saga

This guest essay first appeared on Inquirer.com on September 16, 2022.  and was reprinted in the PA Environment Digest Blog on September 17, 2022. The deadline for submitting public comments on this process to DEP is Monday September 19. PA DEP Needs to Evaluate… Continue Reading “Another Chapter in the ‘Stuck on Stupid’ Marcellus Shale Gas Saga”

Federal Appeals Court Rejects PA Senate Republican Caucus Challenge To DRBC Fracking Ban

By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 16, 2022 (Note: Photos below were added to the original blog) On September 16, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a decision affirming that Pennsylvania state legislators and municipalities… Continue Reading “Federal Appeals Court Rejects PA Senate Republican Caucus Challenge To DRBC Fracking Ban”

Religious Freedom from a Pennsylvania Pipeline

“Catholic nuns fought pipeline on their Lancaster County land. Now, citing religious freedom, they seek damages in court.” According to a September 15, 2022 story by Susan Phillips on StateImpact Pennsylvania, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ say Transco’s Atlantic Sunrise natural gas… Continue Reading “Religious Freedom from a Pennsylvania Pipeline”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: What would Rachel Carson say?

Fracking photos of shale gas production in 3 states during 2012 We logged eleven flights in 2012 to capture aerial images of Marcellus Shale gas production in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. To see dozens of these photos, CLICK HERE or watch the video… Continue Reading “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: What would Rachel Carson say?”

STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer

September 10, 2022 news headlines spelled it out: “The latest work unveils this mechanism through a series of meticulous experiments showing that cells carrying dormant mutations can turn cancerous when exposed to PM2.5 particles. The pollutant is the equivalent of the ignition spark on… Continue Reading “STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer”

OXYMORON: Ruining Millions of Gallons of Water to Frac During a Drought

With some Marcellus Shale gas production requiring 17-million gallons of water just to frac one well, one has to wonder how it can be justified under drought conditions Map: Red Dots are withdrawal locations with water use restrictions. Susquehanna River Basin Commission Monitors Hydrologic… Continue Reading “OXYMORON: Ruining Millions of Gallons of Water to Frac During a Drought”

Proposed Landfill Leachate Evaporator: 45,000 gallons per day

Pa. DEP held 2 public hearings last week about a plan by a Westmoreland County landfill to build a gas-fired leachate evaporator (data sheet PDF). Environmentalists and nearby residents testified about their concerns, pointing out that the landfill accepts solid fracking waste that can… Continue Reading “Proposed Landfill Leachate Evaporator: 45,000 gallons per day”

Childhood Cancer Study near Fracking in S.W. Pennsylvania

On Wednesday October 5, 2022 community members and reporters are invited to hear about the progress that has been made and ask questions about the Childhood Cancer Study being conducted by researchers at PITT. Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) hosts meeting CCJ will host a panel discussion with… Continue Reading “Childhood Cancer Study near Fracking in S.W. Pennsylvania”

PA DEP Posts 59 Pages of Permit-Related Notices in Sept. 3 PA Bulletin

More Oil & Gas Well Pad Cleanups and Facility Permits by David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 2, 2022 Highlights of the environmental and energy notices in the latest PA Bulletin–  The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the… Continue Reading “PA DEP Posts 59 Pages of Permit-Related Notices in Sept. 3 PA Bulletin”

EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind ‘Fracked Water Wells’ in Dimock PA

In this newly released 41-minute video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the turmoil and travesty of those ‘Dimocked’ by shale gas production, and the 9 square mile area of Pennsylvania that was once banned from further fracking. Hear about the shortcomings of state… Continue Reading “EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind ‘Fracked Water Wells’ in Dimock PA”

DEP Declares Drought Watch for 36 Pennsylvania Counties

DEP Asks for Voluntary Water Conservation for First Time Since 2020 On August 31, the Department of Environmental Protection announced the Commonwealth Drought Task Force has declared a drought watch for 36 counties and asks for voluntary water conservation in those counties. The following… Continue Reading “DEP Declares Drought Watch for 36 Pennsylvania Counties”

Pennsylvania Farmers with Gas Leases Feel Shortchanged

Post-production costs for transportation and processing ‘gutting’ gas royalty payments below the required 12.5% minimum An August 25, 2022 story by Mike Jones “Farmers discuss natural gas royalties with state, local leaders” in the Observer-Reporter included quotes from several local farmers lamenting their shrinking… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Farmers with Gas Leases Feel Shortchanged”

Pa. Senator Says Pennsylvania Bypassed Feds & Issued “Illegal” Permit

Threatens Dimock Waterways With Radioactivity From Fracking File photo: Dimock billboard in August 2011 A story and podcast by Public Herald on August 29, 2022 tells of serious deficiencies and questionable practices at the PA DEP: Radium is not a required part of testing… Continue Reading “Pa. Senator Says Pennsylvania Bypassed Feds & Issued “Illegal” Permit”

Fracking ‘Groundhog Day’ in Washington County PA

Just when we thought we had seen an end to leaky frac wastewater impoundments – the size of football fields – we see new permit requests. Be sure to comment! PA DEP Invites Comments On 2 Proposed Oil & Gas Wastewater Impoundments by Range… Continue Reading “Fracking ‘Groundhog Day’ in Washington County PA”

Westmoreland Landfill Leachate Back in the News

This same landfill created major problems for a Westmoreland sewage plant. Is this radioactive waste ending up in your morning coffee Pittsburgh? Photo: Landfill leachate in a storm water drainage ditch during an inspection by the PA DEP on August 25, 2022 at the… Continue Reading “Westmoreland Landfill Leachate Back in the News”

Reflections on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity’

Q&A: Eliza Griswold Reflects on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity,’ Her Deep Dive Into Fracking in Southwest Pennsylvania Inside Climate News published that story by David Schribman with that same headline on August 21, 2022. While Shribman’s story focused on updates from the… Continue Reading “Reflections on the Lessons of  ‘Amity and Prosperity’”

Grant Township Charter Banning Drilling Wastewater Injection Wells Struck Down by Commonwealth Court

Decision appealed to Pennsylvania Supreme Court By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest | August 18, 2022 On July 12, Grant Township’s Home Rule Charter banning frack waste injection wells was invalidated by the Commonwealth Court. The Township has appealed the decision to… Continue Reading “Grant Township Charter Banning Drilling Wastewater Injection Wells Struck Down by Commonwealth Court”

Pennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG

‘We never had cancer or anything like that before, and in one year, we had over 13 people diagnosed with cancer… all within a mile of my house’ Those were the headlines written by reporter Shauna Corr in an August 8, 2022 story and… Continue ReadingPennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG

More leukemia in young children living near Pennsylvania fracking sites

New study finds that children born within 1.24 miles (2 kilometers) of an active well site were 2 to 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia between the ages of 2 and 7. Researchers at the Yale School of Public… Continue Reading “More leukemia in young children living near Pennsylvania fracking sites”

Natural gas development transforms Pennsylvania farmland

By Lisa Graves-Marcucci | EIP | August 10, 2022 Reprinted from Oil and Gas Watch Tucked into the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania are rural communities once home to generational farmland – Smith Township among them. The blessings of prime open spaces once reserved for… Continue Reading “Natural gas development transforms Pennsylvania farmland”

TODAY’S FOCUS: Range Resources Methane Reporting

An August 10, 2022 story by Zachary Mider on Bloomberg, Methane ‘Loophole’ Shows Risk of Gaming New US Climate Bill points out how “several energy companies have adopted an unorthodox interpretation of EPA rules to slash their reported methane emissions.” “An unorthodox reading of a single word… Continue Reading “TODAY’S FOCUS: Range Resources Methane Reporting”

NEW REPORT: Ohio River Valley Institute

Misplaced Faith: How Policymakers’ Belief in Natural Gas is Driving Rural Pennsylvania Into an Economic Dead End by Sean O’Leary | Aug 8, 2022 | Ohio River Valley Institute Key Takeaways: Policymakers’ pursuit of natural gas development is failing rural Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania policymakers of both parties are driving efforts to… Continue Reading “NEW REPORT: Ohio River Valley Institute”

What’s That Smell?

Hickory and Mt. Pleasant Township were ground zero when Marcellus Shale fracking began in Pennsylvania back in 2004. As with many communities, gas development became an extremely divisive issue among neighbors. Today’s story by Mike Jones in the Observer-Reporter, DEP investigating mysterious odor emitted… Continue Reading “What’s That Smell?”

Early Exodus from Cracker Plant Area

While some ‘shale refugees’ — the term I use to describe families who have moved away from the nascent yet burgeoning shale gas industry in western Pennsylvania — move out-of-county, some move out-of-state. Reid Frazier’s StateImpact story “Pa. sees Shell’s ethane cracker as an… Continue Reading “Early Exodus from Cracker Plant Area”

Thrills & Spills

Due to all the oil and gas drilling violations in Pennsylvania, someone once said, “If they’re drilling they’re spilling.” This latest report from the former head of the Pennsylvania DEP, David E. Hess, brings us up to date: 16 Oil & Gas Facility Spill,… Continue Reading “Thrills & Spills”

‘Paying it Forward’ with Solar Energy

Homeowners have faced a steady stream of rising energy costs from fossil fuels as global situations have devolved. Meantime, our utility bills have been dropping. Americans have come to find that just because we sit on large reserves of coal and natural gas, that… Continue Reading “‘Paying it Forward’ with Solar Energy”

Will the EPA also get Sued over Pennsylvania Air?

On Tuesday, the Center for Biological Diversity sued the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanding action on the air pollution emitted by Colorado’s oil and gas industry. The news story appeared in THE HILL, “Conservation group sues EPA over fracking smog in Colorado” and… Continue Reading “Will the EPA also get Sued over Pennsylvania Air?”

Backwards Pennsylvania

You can thank ‘frac happy’ Republican legislators like Yaw and Metcalfe for keeping our Commonwealth in the ‘stone ages’ when it comes to promoting a healthy environment. Also, their latest ‘gas buddy’ enabling efforts will likely cause Pennsylvania to lose federal highway funds. David… Continue Reading “Backwards Pennsylvania”

Pennsylvania’s ‘Giveaway’ Tax Rate for Gas Processors

There was a May 23, 2022 story in Louisiana’s ‘Natchitoches Times’ with a headline that really caught my eye: “Pipeline Compressor Station to Bring Major Revenue” “An example of a similar facility is a gathering station near Robeline that has an assessed value of… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania’s ‘Giveaway’ Tax Rate for Gas Processors”

2nd Cracker Plant in Ohio River Valley?

Judging from a newspaper story in today’s Wheeling, West Virginia newspaper, the PTTGCA ethane cracker plant is still a strong possibility for a shovel-ready site in Dilles Bottom, Ohio, since financial commitments are still being honored. With the forecast 2022 completion of Shell’s new… Continue Reading “2nd Cracker Plant in Ohio River Valley?”

LNG Export Outage Helping US Prices

The June 8, 2022 explosion and fire at the FREEPORT LNG export terminal in Quintana, Texas, dropped the Henry Hub commodity price for natural gas, from $9.34 two days before the incident to $7.26 a week later, a huge 23% price drop. Conversely, LNG… Continue Reading “LNG Export Outage Helping US Prices”

Unleashing the American LNG ‘Trojan Horse’

While the CEO of the largest US shale gas producer keeps talking about “unleashing” Marcellus Shale natural gas, and more specifically, it’s condensed liquid form, LNG, we’re suddenly snapped back to its radioactive realities. Reporter JUSTIN NOBEL spelled it out in his June 9,… Continue Reading “Unleashing the American LNG ‘Trojan Horse’”

‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA

Allegheny County Council held a public hearing June 9, 2022 on legislation to prevent the leasing of additional county parks for gas production activities, following the non-surface oil and gas lease signed in October 2014 for Deer Lakes Park, to allow hydraulic fracturing under… Continue Reading “‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA”

Pennsylvania Must Act

Today’s PA Environment Digest Blog contained important testimony from the Pennsylvania Senate Hearing held last Thursday and seen in its entirety in this video. Brian S. Schwartz, MD, MS laid it out with crystal clarity in his June 2, 2022 testimony: “We’ve studied asthma… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Must Act”

Oil and Gas Industry’s “Disaster Capitalism”

Have you fallen victim to the oil and gas industry’s disinformation campaign? Have a listen to this new Podcast, or read the transcript, to find out for yourself: New Research: Big Fossil’s Disaster Capitalist Response to Russia-Ukraine“In the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,… Continue Reading “Oil and Gas Industry’s “Disaster Capitalism””

PIT Airport Doubling-Down on Fracked Gas

Reporter Anya Litvak’s May 21, 2022 story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, ‘Airport authority brokers new deals with CNX to incentivize drilling and, possibly, make fuel from natural gas‘ revealed old and new information about the business dealings of the Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA)… Continue Reading “PIT Airport Doubling-Down on Fracked Gas”

Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee is ‘Chump Change’

If you take a look at how much Texas nets from its severance tax on oil and gas production, you realize how badly Pennsylvanians are getting screwed with mere ‘chump change’ impact fees. There have been multiple efforts over the years, the latest by… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee is ‘Chump Change’”