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NUCLEAR WASTE: Nuclear Power’s Big Downside

Exposed: The Most Polluted Place in the United States A new book investigates the toxic legacy of Hanford, the Washington state facility that produced plutonium for nuclear weapons. The Ask December 14, 2022 – by Tara Lohan This story was originally published by The Revelator. (… Continue Reading “NUCLEAR WASTE: Nuclear Power’s Big Downside”

Netflix Docu-series Revisits Three Mile Island

We watched Part One last night, and thought it was well done. As they point out, this event happened just 12-days after THE CHINA SYNDROME was released in movie theaters. What timing! Checking the PJM Interconnect webpage this morning we see NUCLEAR energy is… Continue Reading “Netflix Docu-series Revisits Three Mile Island”

Big Oil

Two things recently caught my attention, the first being a 3-part series airing on PBS stations. The Power of Big Oil (Part One: Denial) “FRONTLINE examines the fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change. Part One of this… Continue Reading “Big Oil”