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Duquesne Light Commits to New PA Solar Farm

7,000 Pittsburgh area homes to be powered by solar energy On September 28, 2022, An-Li Herring reports on WESA 90.5 “Duquesne Light Co. announced Monday that the Pennsylvania Utility Commission approved its 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Pine Gate Renewables. As part of… Continue Reading “Duquesne Light Commits to New PA Solar Farm”

PA Catches Up in National Rankings for School Solar

G.E.T. Solar Energy Help Now; Avoid Natural Gas Price Spikes By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 26, 2022 According to a new national report on schools’ adoption of solar published last week by nonprofit Generation180, Pennsylvania ranked 11th in… Continue Reading “PA Catches Up in National Rankings for School Solar”

Time to Rethink Solar Energy

On top of spiraling prices at the pump for gasoline and diesel fuel, this recent headline grabbed everyone’s attention: Pennsylvania electric generation costs increasing up to 45% on June 1st “According to the commission, higher wholesale market prices for electricity are being caused mostly… Continue Reading “Time to Rethink Solar Energy”