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Marcellus Shale Photos in 2013

Compilation of Hundreds of MARCELLUS AIR aerial photos of the Marcellus Shale Infrastructure Buildout in 3 States Long before most people were even aware of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale buildout, that had already been underway for several years, this collection of hundreds… Continue Reading “Marcellus Shale Photos in 2013”

STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer

September 10, 2022 news headlines spelled it out: “The latest work unveils this mechanism through a series of meticulous experiments showing that cells carrying dormant mutations can turn cancerous when exposed to PM2.5 particles. The pollutant is the equivalent of the ignition spark on… Continue Reading “STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer”