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Marcellus Shale Images | Majorsville transformation

Our March 21, 2014 flight over the Utica and Marcellus Shale revealed the rapid pace of development on a huge cryogenic gas plant in a West Virginia valley known as Majorsville (Google Map link) as well as capturing additional images of shale gas production,… Continue Reading “Marcellus Shale Images | Majorsville transformation”

Proposed Pipeline Expansion in WV, Ohio & PA – Comment Period Open

FERC is taking public comments on the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) until 5:00pm ET on November 21, 2022 Mike Tony reports in the October 26, 2022 Charleston Gazette-Mail: Equitrans LP, subsidiary of Mountain Valley Pipeline lead developer Equitrans Midstream Corp., has proposed construction… Continue Reading “Proposed Pipeline Expansion in WV, Ohio & PA – Comment Period Open”

Marcellus Shale Photos in 2013

Compilation of Hundreds of MARCELLUS AIR aerial photos of the Marcellus Shale Infrastructure Buildout in 3 States Long before most people were even aware of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale buildout, that had already been underway for several years, this collection of hundreds… Continue Reading “Marcellus Shale Photos in 2013”

Mountaineer Wind Energy

44 wind turbines were installed along this West Virginia mountain ridge 20 years ago, able to provide enough energy to power 20,000 homes. Video recently recorded near several of these wind turbines: Mountaineer wind energy map: The number of turbines installed in the U.S.… Continue Reading “Mountaineer Wind Energy”

Manchin’s Coal-Powered State: WV Electricity Rate Increase Requested

Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power Make Rate Increase Case for West Virginia Electricity Users The rate increase would add $18.41 to the monthly bills of Appalachian Power/Wheeling Power companies, according to documents filed by the companies with the Public Service Commission in April, a 12%… Continue Reading “Manchin’s Coal-Powered State: WV Electricity Rate Increase Requested”

LITIGATION: The Abandoned Well ‘Hot Potato’

According to this latest news story, EQT’s transaction with Diversified “freed EQT of about $200 million in plugging and other liabilities.” On July 25th, reporter Anya Litvak covered this latest story about abandoned wells in our tri-state area in “Lawsuit claims Diversified and EQT… Continue Reading “LITIGATION: The Abandoned Well ‘Hot Potato’”

Hey Joe, where you going with our future in your hand?

Joe Manchin not only delayed climate action by President Biden for 18 months, he has walked away without taking any action to secure a better environment for future generations. No surprise really, since he receives more political contributions from oil and gas than any… Continue Reading “Hey Joe, where you going with our future in your hand?”

Oil and Gas Industry’s “Disaster Capitalism”

Have you fallen victim to the oil and gas industry’s disinformation campaign? Have a listen to this new Podcast, or read the transcript, to find out for yourself: New Research: Big Fossil’s Disaster Capitalist Response to Russia-Ukraine“In the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,… Continue Reading “Oil and Gas Industry’s “Disaster Capitalism””

All Hail Marcellus Shale

Robert Donnan ©2009 Enter the darkness, in the ground,Frack it, attack it, damn that sound!Gas to be drilled, big money found,Spewing secret chemicals all around.  Steal the water, from the fish,Pump it, pipe it, spot the dish.Secret formula? Aw tish-tish,Resolve it later, don’t we wish!  Will… Continue Reading “All Hail Marcellus Shale”

Risks and Harms of Fracking and Oil and Gas Infrastructure

On April 28, the Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Concerned Health Professionals of New York released their Eighth Compendium of Scientific, Medical and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking and Associated Gas and Oil Infrastructure. The Compendium is a collection of… Continue Reading “Risks and Harms of Fracking and Oil and Gas Infrastructure”

The ‘Un-Natural Gas’ Radioactive Waste Stream

A well-written and researched story by Justin Nobel was published yesterday on DeSmog: ‘This Needs to Be Fixed’: Nuclear Expert Calls Radioactivity Levels Found Outside Ohio Oilfield Waste Facility ‘Excessive’. Justin’s MUST READ story is about a facility in Martins Ferry, Ohio, that processes… Continue Reading “The ‘Un-Natural Gas’ Radioactive Waste Stream”

“DIVERSIFIED ENERGY: Business Model Built to Fail Appalachia”

Yesterday’s Zoom presentation by that same title was quite alarming, especially for those of us living in Pennsylvania, where Diversified Energy now owns over 22,000 oil and gas wells. Diversified actually owns more wells in the United States than Exxon, or any other oil… Continue Reading ““DIVERSIFIED ENERGY: Business Model Built to Fail Appalachia””