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GERMAN PLAN: Erect Several Wind Turbines Daily

Chris Reiter writes in Bloomberg on January 14, 2023, “Germany Targets Three New Windmills a Day for Energy Reboot“ For the long-term transition away from coal, oil and natural gas, Germany needs to increase electricity generation by one third by 2030 and then double… Continue Reading “GERMAN PLAN: Erect Several Wind Turbines Daily”

Wind Energy on the Ballot in Ohio

In north-central Ohio, Seneca County commissioners used a new 2021 law to ban renewable energy projects in unincorporated parts of the county. Now, another ban is up for a vote in neighboring Crawford County, Ohio. On October 21, 2022 Julie Grant of The Allegheny… Continue Reading “Wind Energy on the Ballot in Ohio”

Mountaineer Wind Energy

44 wind turbines were installed along this West Virginia mountain ridge 20 years ago, able to provide enough energy to power 20,000 homes. Video recently recorded near several of these wind turbines: Mountaineer wind energy map: The number of turbines installed in the U.S.… Continue Reading “Mountaineer Wind Energy”

Tale of Two Wind Turbines and a Vietnam Vet

Short-lived Massachusetts renewable energy project crashes to the ground. While European nations are scrambling to add wind turbines and other renewable energy to their electric grids, we come across a surprising story of two wind turbines, that were just demolished in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Turbines… Continue Reading “Tale of Two Wind Turbines and a Vietnam Vet”

IOWA: Renewable Energy Leader with 57% of Energy Generated by Wind

‘No sweat: Wind pulled its weight in steamy Midwest summer 2022‘ Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022 in Energy News We started the summer with regional grid operator MISO warning of rolling blackouts in early May of 2022. In this paper, we took apart those warnings and explained… Continue Reading “IOWA: Renewable Energy Leader with 57% of Energy Generated by Wind”

Massive Wind-Solar-Battery Power Plant in Oregon

A small town in Oregon has just commissioned a utility-scale, renewable-energy, ‘hybrid’ plant — the first of its kind in North America — combining solar power, wind power and massive batteries to store the energy generated. Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facilities (PDF Source)

Texas Wind Turbines

Some Texas politicians tried to falsely blame wind energy for their major power outage Since the weekend, weather news has been primarily focused on Texas, due to power outages caused by the unusual February ice, snow and cold that has gripped large parts of… Continue Reading “Texas Wind Turbines”