Trimming and Pruning

Trees and Shrubs


Attractive landscapes have one thing in common: they are kept in "good trim." Whether this involves a formal or natural look, it's important to use proper timing along with sharp pruners or shears.

When it comes to flowering trees and shrubs, trim them within 30-days of when they finish blooming to preserve next year's flowers.

Heavy pruning (cutting shrubs back) should be done in early-spring, and maintenance pruning should not be done too late in the growing season (late-summer) when it could create new growth that doesn't get properly 'hardened off' for winter weather.

Key Benefits of Pruning

  • Nicely trimmed shrubs compliment you and your home

  • Professional pruning helps protect your investment

  • Frequent trimming extends the life of foundation plantings

ry tree

This weeping mulberry was given an even cut along the branch tips. It takes longer, but looks much better, if the branches are trimmed so they vary in length.

When to prune?

Most trimming in the northern U.S. is performed from May 1 through July 31st; during or following the annual flush of new growth. Severe cutting-back of shrubs should be done early in the spring, and spring-flowering shrubs should be pruned within one month after they bloom to preserve flowers for the next year.

Shrub trimming

Pruning equipment should be continually cleaned, sharpened and adjusted to provide your plants with the best cut possible. Good quality equipment that is well maintained helps ensure good results. While you are trimming, you should closely inspect plants for damaging insects you may not have noticed previously.

Shrub removal

Even with regular pruning, foundation plantings only have a "lifetime" of about 20 years. An updated foundation planting will "freshen-up" your curb appeal while adding value to your home.


Tree trimming

Get your young trees off to a good start with proper pruning. Many "structural" problems can be avoided by pruning trees when they are still small. Proper pruning gets young trees off to the right start saving more costly tree trimming and problems from structural deficiencies in the future.


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